Frequently asked questions

Do I need to tell my Psychologist everything?

You have a choice in what you disclose in the session. You will not be judged on the basis of your personal problems. Therapy is not about judgement, but about putting the pieces of the puzzle together and finding a solution. It is often helpful to disclose anything that is central to the issue you want to address, as this will assist in finding the best therapeutic approach to achieve your goals.

What is kept Confidential?

The details you provide are kept private and are securely stored. There are important limits to confidentiality you need to be aware of. Psychologists must disclose information to appropriate people if there is a risk of imminent harm to you or someone else. This is part of a Psychologists Code of ethics and duty of care.

How long is a session?

The sessions are typically between 50-60 min’s.

How Much will it cost?

The standard rate for your Initial consult is $185.00 Subsequent consults are $165.00 There are a range of rebates available under Medicare and Private Health, for more information, refer to Rates and Rebates.

What are my rights as a client?

To be treated courteously, respectfully and fairly at all times
To see a practitioner who is qualified and competent to help you
Receive evidence-based treatment
To have your questions about your treatment answered to your satisfaction To have your privacy respected, within the legal limits To give feedback on the service and to discuss any issues if you re not satisfied

What is The Wellnest Collective?

​The Wellnest Collective is a wholistic centre for good mental health, we have thought about every step of the journey, and offer individual treatment across disciplines including Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Marriage Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Trauma Informed Yoga, Meditation, Fun-Shops and Community Events. Visit the website